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About Toads


Reaching for a greener dream

In 2018 I had this dream and I don’t remember the dream but when I woke up I looked at my husband and said, “We have to move and grow our own food.” He was extremely confused and thought that I was kidding but I went to work with the help of some very special people. Within a year we were in a new house with seven acres. You see, when I told him he didn’t think that we would move so fast but in October 2019 we moved on to our little slice of heaven which took us down a road that I never thought we would go down.

During the first year we planned and we thought about the best way to go about it, but the more that I thought about it the more we knew that having seven acres of land wasn’t enough land to feed our ‘Zombie Apocalypse Team’. That’s a running joke in our family and was even before we moved out here into the middle of nowhere. We watch a lot of apocalyptic fiction and it’s funny to joke about when we are playing games or working on joint projects.

Regardless, in 2018 we planted quite a few trees and added many different shrubs, bushes and other edible perennial or long lived plants. The problem is that the information that I was obtaining wasn’t enough. You can only learn so much from Youtube and Facebook groups. The is why I decided to go back to school to learn about everything that I need in order to make a full on permaculture food forest across my entire property.

We are excited to continue our journey and share everything we learn so that there is a safe space for people to go in order to learn how to produce their own food. This is a hobby blog; eventually I plan on starting a nursery and education center but things like that don’t fall out of thin air.

Our Goals
  • Create a low maintenance long lived food forest
  • Plant as many edible plants as I can while spreading them throughout my area
  • Build a greener future
  • Educate myself and my children about the importance of food security
  • Cover all seven acres with beneficial plants

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