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My pumpkins are flowering

That’s right. You heard it right. My pumpkins are beautiful and they have the most amazing flowers. Ignore how weedy my garden is.

Pumpkins have two kinds of flowers: male and female. The first flowers to show up are male flowers in order for the pollinators to be attracted.

Female flowers are easy to spot because you can see baby pumpkins at the base. I was told that I might want to cut off the earlier ones in order to let the better ones come in.

They also say that when there are three or four on a vine that we should cut away all of the ones that aren’t promising as soon as they get to be around the size of a soft ball.

Night time is when pumpkins do must of their growing so try to keep the leaves dry in order to prevent disease and mold or mildew. It’s good advise for any plant as I have recently had to learn. Thats how we got our lemon balm runners and I stopped letting my kids water the plants.

Update: My garden September 5, 2020

I have three sets of peas that are growing well. As you can see I have grown lazy since thus last rain and have not weeded my garden, although I plan to very soon. I just don’t know when I will.

My pumkins seem to be doing well on both sides. Each day that passes I see them getting a little taller. It is great to watch the progression.

Look at them grow, I am impressed by how well they are fighting back the grass. I am hoping to have this are cleaned up a bit pretty soon.

The thing I am most proud of is the amount of corn that is growing. Some are doing better than others, and you can still see there are a bunch that just seemed to have shoved together. Again, I did not think that this many corn would root but look at them grow. Amazing specimens of wonder reaching for the sun.

Unknowing that they are simply a means to an end and I plan on ripping their children away and devouring them. Forgive me, I’m in a mood. I look forward to eating some corn and taking more beautiful pictures of it.

Everything seems to have taken off but my Brussel sprouts. I am mildly disappointed. The reason is we don’t really like or eat Brussel sprouts but then again I did want to be able to say that I grow them.

My squash, zucchini and cucumber seem to be doing super well over here too. I think that this soil over here is better than on our other plots.

I am excited about my garden and can’t wait to post more updates in order to keep myself motivated. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

Garden Update 2020: August 25

I think the picture above is broccoli or lettuce. Either way I am pleased to see that there are sproutlings. I see some clusters, but in my defense I planted quite a few in each spot because some of the seeds were question mark seeds.

Zucchini? Cucumber? Squash? I suppose we’ll find out when they start to make vegetables. I did group them together and I am glad to see they are shooting up. I think they are doing a little bit better than my pumpkins- which I planted August 1st. These were planted on the 12th? Or maybe the 8th? I can’t remember honestly, it feels like so long ago.

We have corn, but I feel like it should be taller. I am a very judgemental gardener. I am staring at this corn as though it were 2ft too short.

These are my pumpkins. We bought some stuff to put around them in order get them to look less yellow. They seem to be doing fine. I think they have a 110 day period before they fruit. It makes sense it would take a little bit longer to get them to work.

My other row of pumpkins. Now I had some real concerns about this row. It drains much quicker than the other side and my soil is so tough it doesn’t hold water for long, but with aggressive watering I think they will make it. Fingers crossed.

Are those baby radishes? I planted these babies on August 15. We had so many radish seeds that it was awkward, but any rows that did not produce on the 8th or 1st and here we have tiny things.

I do believe these are Brussel sprouts. I do not know for a fact. This is only my second growing season and in the spring I was a murderer. It happens. This time it will be different. Hopefully, they fight for survival.

I think that is a random pea plant, but I am not one hundred percent sure. I just want to let you know that I am terrible at the whole naming stuff and keeping up with it. Then again, I think that is half the fun- the surprise of finding out what it is when you start to get some vegetables on the plant.

We got a few bean survivors. I am thankful for anything my dogs didn’t eat. It turns out that it is pretty common. Thank goodness for the few plants we have, hopefully they survive the rest of summer.

Garden update: August 20

My corn has been growing like crazy. It is still a struggle to keep my dogs away from my beans, but they aren’t really messing with my corn.

We are working on getting a pen made for them since they can’t just leave my plants alone. Regardless, updates on my fall garden ahead. There have been mistakes made and a few challenges but everything didn’t die and I see that as a win.

Pumpkins because all of my peas died

That is right, the picture above has only pumpkins becayse every single pea died. No peas this year for our families fall garden. I am angry for two reasons A) I want plants to live because I will it to happen B) peas are my absolute favorite vegetable and I was really looking forward to eating them this season. You win some. You lose some.

Corn around one week ago

Now I threw out decoy seeds for me corn and it seems to be doing fantastic. 🙃 I am truly pleased with the turn of events that led to that picture. I was so excited I texted a picture to my friends and my husband. “Look at my corn.” I felt good about it until is saw my other stuff.

Corn the next day

I keep getting so excited. Especially when they have little baby corn growth spurts. Not to be weird but I can’t wait to eat you.

The whole garden

Some stuff has come up. I just only know how to recognize corn as a baby. I am ninety percent sure that on the outer right column that is going to be my squash and zucchini, which was probably not the best idea, but it happened that way. Then there are Brussel sprouts up front and some broccoli in back.

This was yesterday (August 19th)

The corn have exploded. I am so excited. My dogs like to walk through them because they have short legs and it itches them. I am always yelling at my dogs. I am sure at this point my neighbors think I am a psychopath. I am greatly considering putting them in an enclosure is sad. Evee and Gillis listen when there aren’t other dogs around to encourage them and my kids don’t let them out without supervision.

Pumpkins to the right are doing great

They are growing, but i am sure they get a little bit of stress where they are. I am just excited that something is growing.

Up close of my corn

Ignoring all of the bad (too many too close together), that is a lot of corn. I am really surprised that one small bit grew so much. So when you cut out the other corns it looks like I am successful. I am kind of successful but I look forward to doing better next year

Did not name anything, so this is Fred and his cousins

I should have marked the garden but when I tried cutsy popsicle sticks (like a facebook group suggested) my dogs thought they were toys specifically placed out for them to play with.

My semi successful garden August 20, 2020

I will look back at this 10 years from now and cackle like a witch. It’ll be good to see how far I have come.

My garden: August 12

This is our rogue zucchini. It grew out of our burn pile. Those seeds came from the remains of my zucchini bread. The fruit rarely ripens but that is because I purposely neglect this plant. My kids don’t want me to burn the burn because of the random zucchini plants that are growing out of it.

This is one of the few zucchinis that we have gotten from our rogue plant.

Next we just bought Lantana. We got like four of them and we don’t know where we will put them at.

Lantana is kind of invasive so we are nervous about planting it.

Bell peppers are still growing. I am excited everytime we see one growing.

Those are pumpkins above

These are green beans.

We have some green beans that are growing but only a few the rest are being eaten by birds 🐦

Finally there is my big crop of corn which is being attacked by birds as well.

Who knows what will survive the birds and the rabbits. We will find out.

Something is eating my plants – August 13th 2020

I think it is those stupid rabbits but I know for sure there are birds. They are uprooting my beans, eating my poor pumpkins.

They stripped one little baby down to its stem. It is so sad and my dogs. Those bad words. I am so mad at my two dogs Gillis and Evee. My evil dogs won’t stop rolling around all over the place, which includes anything I am working on.

Evee even dug up some of the beans and the corn FOR THE BIRDS. My dog said, “You want these beans, hold on.” I watched her do it. I understand that I teach kindness in my house but that was a bit much. They have a stupid bird feeder. It is always full.

I am losing my mind. I put this garden much closer than my last one in order to find out where I went wrong…

Now I am finding out that it is the nature that I love so dear that has betrayed me. My dogs are helping the wildlife. I am sure that raccoons helped but I can only find evidence that leads to my dogs, rabbits and birds.

It seems that only the strong survive, but my other garden is popping up okay… I wanted it to do so much better.

My dogs dug up my corn and I threw some decoy seeds out to maybe keep the birds away from my plants. I bet my dogs will paw them up just to spite me for spraying them with the water hose for being on my ground.

Not going to lie, it makes me hopeful to see that things are still sprouting up but also very frustrated. I know last year I had a few sprout up but then they all died or disappeared.

It was also a much larger garden. It was much harder to keep up with new grass growing etc.

Fingers crossed my garden stays okay.

August 10th: we have pumpkins

That’s right. I have pumpkins sprouting up all over the place. I am extremely excited. We have been watering them two to three times a day depending on the heat.

I went back and read one of my posts. I just should let everyone know I write these up quickly and do not proofread. I just type it up and publish it a couple of days out – just in case I change my mind about posting it (which happens).

This was August 6th

Anyway, there were only a few in the beginning. They were so tiny. It is exciting to see that they are actually coming up. I hope that this time it all works out.

Two babies at a time August 6th

Now, my more mature daughter asked me about planting them so close together and if it was a good idea. I am starting to wonder that myself.

I never anticipated that my garden would actually grow this way. (I am thinking the partial shade is really helping me out) That is one of the reasons that I planted them on the outside and I put the peas on the inside.

August 7th. You can see pumpkins all up and down the two outside lanes.

I figured if I put the pumpkins on the outskirts that they will be able to vine out, but great points were made. Should I do extra for the pumpkins or is my plan good?

Those are pumpkins in their rows below and I can’t wait for them to get bigger and show me pumpkins. In the middle two rows are the peas. We will be setting up stuff for them to hang out against. I have been watching those gardening groups, they have some really great ideas.

The more that I see success in others the more I can see there can be success in me. When I get low I have been asking others (just random citizens that frequent the groups I am in) to show me their gardens. It has been great 100% of the time. People that garden just seem to be nicer. I am excited about the pumpkins and seeing what everyone else has out there.

August 10th

Not going to lie I am starting to feel true concern for my peas. Only time will tell. I am hoping that everything works out, until next time people.

Side note: make sure you know where your water is going to travel so that you can capture it.

August 1: Peas and Pumpkins

Stop and just imagine for a second that plants just magically grew with little to now work…. that is just a great dream. Now pop it. I have been hoeing. These are my adventures… 🤣

The beginning of my flat hole

Well, random citizens, I have started a very small fall garden. I worked on it for an hour a day. First, I took my mighty hoe and I scraped all of the grass off of the top surface. I had to wet the soil multiple times. I did not enjoy this, but since my son hurt my tractor by hand it is.

My dog helping out in the shady parts

I had to really start moving dirt and my kids really only wanted to help with the fun stuff. I used the dirt that had all of the grass in it as an outside barrier.

I do not know why I did this, maybe I thought that it might protect the plants. We plan on putting ant poison around our beds. Something in me said, “keep it away from our precious.” My husband just rolled with it.

I really beat the fire out of the soil

The ground was so dry I found myself beating the dirt just to get what was on top. I complained a lot about how it was similar to rock- because it was. My shoulders were sore and I hate not having a working tractor. It is for the birds

Some people told me that I just needed to do raised beds in the beginning, but I’d kind of like to know how fast I would have starved in the 1820s. Right now, my family would have been doomed. I have already murdered plenty of plants from lavender to an entire vegetable garden. I really hope my luck changes this time, but just in case I am not using nearly as many seeds as I did the first go around.

Day 2 of our adventure

I gave up half way through the day because my delicate hands befell a blister. Missing my tractor. Regardless, I came back the next day with a blister and new determination. My husband felt bad for me and came out to help the second time. Although I did not work the dirt again that first day I did water it more than five times.

It did not work. The dirt was so dirt and compacted that it only glared at me. So, the ground was still tough but my husband watered it 10x more than I had because he said it made it easier for him. He could have peed on it for all I cared, he helped out a lot. I was not going to complain about his methods.

My sweet girl came out and helped me pull out some of the remaining grass that was in our rows (this was only to stay up later and plant the seeds)

I was going to do this cool thing in the circle that I had seen on the internet but my husband disagreed. Since I had messed up so horrible with our spring garden, he suggested i do fancy patterns with my plants at another time after I have become a little bit more skilled. He may be right, but if these ones die: we’re doing it the fancy way. 😒

Day three after the planting and after the first watering.

It does not look like it but I just watered those stupid seeds not even 15 minutes ago. Frankly, I am disappointed. I walked out there only to realize that I might need to put my sprinkler on them at least for today, while they’re getting started. I don’t want them to just become one with the dirt. I will update in a few days. I will also show the progress on spot two.

Spot Two will be preparing for our August 10th planters. I am excited. I saw on big names on this list. When I am done with these spots this fall I have some big plans. First- I am going to plant more grape plants. Then I am going to build a giant wooden structure to go over my bushes near the house. (I do not like the sun as much as I do the shade.) This will eventually have grapes growing all around it and I can’t wait.

So stick around and maybe I won’t kill everything this time.

She is just working too hard 😒