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Grapes: Mid April 2021

So, we had these winds that came through and really wrecked my name tags. Some tags stayed put while other are Gone With The Wind.

Pun intended.

So now I gave to find a way to…

  • Figure out what kind of grapes they are because I only know the names of 3 by heart and I can only tell them apart by their fruit.
  • Find a way to label my plants without losing my tags. Unfortunately, I am not good enough just yet to have them all in my brain. Working on it though.
  • Re-tie some of the vines so that they can start to hook properly on their trellis systems.

Some are doing better than others, that is for sure. I know that the muscadines are coming in second to last but I have know idea which muscadines are which because I have many different kinds.

It frustrates me but things happen. At least my grapes are starting to flower. I hope to get a couple of pounds of grapes this year. Who knows, the grasshoppers have already shown their willingness to mess with my crops.

Until next time with more updates…

We’ve got grapes: 2021

By Melinda Hatfield

We have planted over 36 grapevines and I would say that 87% have come back but 100% show promise. Last year we started out with two seedless grapes and by the end of it we had over 30 grape vines. Honestly, when I first started I had no idea but already they are spreading out quickly.

By Melinda Hatfield

Our grapevines are showing real promise and last year we decided that adding extra grape vines would only help us out long term. They do very well in Texas. I barely have to do anything but water them. Not going to lie, sometimes I forget and they are okay with that. In fact, I don’t think I lost a single grapevines this winter- which is surprising.

By Melinda Hatfield

It is possible to get fruit off of one year vines but we have a bunch of two year vines- they’re two years old now at least- and we are expecting a mild harvest this year. In fact, we are so excited for the grapes to come in that we check them regularly.

Here is my delimma: I haven’t created the trellises for all of my grapevines yet.

By Melinda Hatfield

It is a lot harder than I thought and we have been slowly putting them together but we feel as though this will not be the end of the world necessarily and we can clip if we need to. I just didn’t think they would take off this fast and they are taking off very fast. I’m extremely impressed.

By Melinda Hatfield

Please keep in mind that I did zero research before planting so many and they are all thriving. Grapevines have been the second easiest thing to grow, outside of blackberries, and I was very concerned due to the snow storms this year. All in all, they have been a surprisingly amazing crop to have.

When they start showing fruit I will update, until then have a great day!