Caution: Eye hole pleasing materials

Gillis resting
SECRET TUNNEL *in our big tree*
My pasture behind the tree
Exiting the secret tunnel
My kids come down here to hang out inside the trees
Tons of trees inside a tree
I think this one is pretty cool too

Something is eating my plants – August 13th 2020

I think it is those stupid rabbits but I know for sure there are birds. They are uprooting my beans, eating my poor pumpkins.

They stripped one little baby down to its stem. It is so sad and my dogs. Those bad words. I am so mad at my two dogs Gillis and Evee. My evil dogs won’t stop rolling around all over the place, which includes anything I am working on.

Evee even dug up some of the beans and the corn FOR THE BIRDS. My dog said, “You want these beans, hold on.” I watched her do it. I understand that I teach kindness in my house but that was a bit much. They have a stupid bird feeder. It is always full.

I am losing my mind. I put this garden much closer than my last one in order to find out where I went wrong…

Now I am finding out that it is the nature that I love so dear that has betrayed me. My dogs are helping the wildlife. I am sure that raccoons helped but I can only find evidence that leads to my dogs, rabbits and birds.

It seems that only the strong survive, but my other garden is popping up okay… I wanted it to do so much better.

My dogs dug up my corn and I threw some decoy seeds out to maybe keep the birds away from my plants. I bet my dogs will paw them up just to spite me for spraying them with the water hose for being on my ground.

Not going to lie, it makes me hopeful to see that things are still sprouting up but also very frustrated. I know last year I had a few sprout up but then they all died or disappeared.

It was also a much larger garden. It was much harder to keep up with new grass growing etc.

Fingers crossed my garden stays okay.

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