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Studying: Stems

Alright so these are vocabulary terms I have to learn for my final.

Stolon- an above ground horizontal stem

Rhizome- a below ground horizontal stem

Trendil- a twining stem

Node- the swollen portion of a stem associated with buds

Internode- the portion of the stem between the nodes

Lenticel- spongy area in the cork surfaces of stems

Terminal bud- bud found at the end of a branch or stem

Lateral bud- a bud found along the side of a branch or stem

Woooo. I have got to start using these terms more when referring to things so that I sound better educated.

Author: M. S. Hatfield

Working hard towards personal goals in permaculture, food security, native plants and their importance to our ecosystem. Together we can share our knowledge a grow a community or just talk about wicked cool plants. I'm still learning. If I ever get credentials I'll post them here.

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