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Spring 2021: the beauty of it all coming together

Strawberry patch between trees. Berry bushes are planted in between trees and herbs (ground covers) are planted in between trees and berry bushes.

We put the flags up because we wanted to mark the areas where the plants where. This all used to be a pasture and last year we created a berry patch. It has over 75 black berry plants that survived the snow.

It doesn’t look like much right now…

So, it isn’t a straight line. I tried but it didn’t work out but the two juniper trees indicate the entrance. We plan up putting some fun stuff up to support our grapes on the side but we’ve fallen behind. Behind those juniper bushes are 75 blackberry plants. They all survived. I am very pleased with how they turned out.

Its sideways because it seems easier to see the canes.

They have lovely leaves and some have shoots. I haven’t seen any beetles around except for some Shiney dung beetles- i don’t know their name yet. I would share your picture but they were around a pile of poo.

Blackberry plant that is growing

Blackberries are going to be fun and I have heard rumors that they can spread like wildfire. I am counting on it. I hope to control the spread and plant the spares around the back of my property. It will give me a reason to go back there and I hear that they can simply survive in Texas. I am excited to see the results.

Straw berry patch

We have three different types of strawberries this year between two strawberry patches. I am excited to take baby strawberry plants and plant them in between my trees. My kids are already seeing baby strawberries forming on our plants- they stare at them and check them daily to see if there are any ripe. We hope that they start producing this year and that by buying three different kinds we will be able to harvest throughout the entire summer.

Indian Paintbrush or Castilleja
Fruit tree blooms

Golden Oregano: Aureum

Origanum vulgare â€˜Aureum’, also known as Golden Oregano, is a perennial that is grown in zones 4 to 9. These plants are not as invasive as other oregano varieties but still spready quickly and are fast growers. Usually they don’t get larger than three feet tall and can be an excellent ground cover.

They can be an evergreen in warmer climates, but still come back in cooler zones if they do not stay perky all year long. These plants are allegedly deer and rabbit resistant. I can confirm that they have the same great taste and smell as other oreganos, but it’s not as strong as their relatives. I haven’t really noticed much of a difference myself but I just planted this herb and it may change as it ages.

Now, we already have one successful oregano growing in our fairy garden. We were sure that it died during the harsh winter this year, but it didn’t. In fact, I feel as though the snow just made it stronger. That’s why we decided that adding different types of oregano would be beneficial to our forest.

Aureum enjoys full sun but can grow in partial shade. We planted this in several places in between our berry bushes and trees. They are still young and they are a nice contrast to the other greens that we have planted.

It blooms in the middle or late summer and attracts butterflies and other pollinators. I attempted to get more than one source but they all seemed to say the same things.

  • This is an ornamental plant
  • Aureum has little to no culinary value and that there are other oreganos that have a stronger flavor than this one. That only made me thing that this might be beneficial for people who have sensitive stomachs. I have not investigated this, it was only a thought.
  • It is edible
  • Aureum enjoys full sun and can be used as a lovely ground cover
  • The leaves are golden and their flowers are purple or pink

I wish I had more information, but I will show off the growth of this perennial as it continues. We haven’t used a lot of the herb since we have gotten it but as we use it in our recipes we’ll let you know if there are any true differences. Once I get more information I will put it out there, but there isn’t a lot to go on when it comes to Aureum or Golden Oregano.