The Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations is dissolving

It is with a sad day as I have recently found out that the Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations will be desolving as of December 31, 2020. This decision was made of November 24, 2020.

They put up this long thing stating they will be dissolving, but why? This is strange, but it makes sense. Nonprofits are not doing well, in this pandemic they are falling to the side in a record amount. You can find out Base facts about Texas nonprofits at the link provided but I want to talk a little bit about what that means and what we can do about it…

So first, it is no surprise that volunteering has went down and COVID is sweeping through killing Nonprofits. People aren’t donating and they aren’t volunteering, which is not cool but I wasn’t either.

Even before COVID 19 I wasn’t volunteering. Donating old jackets and shoes at the local shelter does not count. I am talking about real volunteering: picking up trash, being active in the community, or joining a nonprofit.

My volunteer work was simply local with my kids- picking up trash (twice a year and it was usually when we went berry picking and sometimes we find ourselves helping someone out.) I thought doing it once or twice a year was good enough but this really saddens my heart.

The reason TANO shutting down is so difficult is because they were advocates for nonprofits all over the state of Texas and have been for decades.

First, they advocated for nonprofits on a legislative level. They lobbied in order for the voices of nonprofits to be heard during critical laws that passed (which touched not just nonprofits but also regulations in small businesses etc).

They also were a secure education and information source. If you joined they gave you discounts on many things and promoted your nonprofit or sometimes innovative ideas. It was job posting, networking and so much more.

This is a loss to the Texas community. There is No Update and no information. I am very suspicious of this, if you have any information on why they are shutting down can someone let me know. I am finding no information on this, which is weird because it’s a big deal.

Regardless, have a nice day and enjoy these pictures from around.

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