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Update: Autumn Sage

This plant seems to truly enjoy the clay soil. I did some more research it turns out it thrives in dry heat. Autumn Sage claims to be drought resistant, bug free and doesn’t need to be fertilized. I did it anyway, because I researched but obviously not well enough to see that one coming. I am hopeful that this little plant survives because it has done wonders for my small area.

This beastie has been attracting all of the hummingbirds. I didn’t know that this little perennial was going to attract them like that. It has pulled in bees and butterflies as well. You most certainly see the rise in pollinators and that in itself makes these lovely little devils worth it.

I love how it bushes out. The colors add a nice little pop of red which is probably why they sometimes call it firecracker sage.

You would never guess that those flowers on the ground are from the humming bird wars of August 2020. Those guys get really competitive and beat each other up and I’m like, “Guys calm down, I can plant more.”

I probably will next year- especially seeing how well they are doing this year in attracting bees, hummingbirds and butterflies to my home.

This was a couple of days before the rain and before they bushed out. I am really happy with the rain and I will continue to water them even if they are genetically water resistant. I hope that maybe they will grow larger than 3 feet tall but who knows.

Regardless, I think they are happy in their new home.

Author: M. S. Hatfield

Working hard towards personal goals in permaculture, food security, native plants and their importance to our ecosystem. Together we can share our knowledge a grow a community or just talk about wicked cool plants. I'm still learning. If I ever get credentials I'll post them here.

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