New Addition: Pineapple

Oh yes, I did not realize how sharp these leafs are. Someone should have warned me, now I have these cuts and we were only trying to give it a home.

Since this one is so fighty we placed it near some nonproducing plants. I did not even look it up. It was sitting there lonely and we were looking for plants to commemorate an occasion. I know these beasties do well near Galveston, but who knows here.

There are conflicting stories, but we have been excited since we got them. It is an amazing day when you can being home something like a pineapple.

We do not think we will be planting anymore as their leafs are straight savage. I did not realize the universe made ninja plants, but here we are.

I do enjoy our pineapples. I hope that they do well just so that we can say that we have them. As I look at where I planted them I really see everything coming together. It makes my heart swell.

Even if you don’t reach for a pineapple, I encourage everyone to buy a plant today. Give a plant a home.

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