Garden Update 2020: August 30

This will most likely be the final update for this month. I like to see the progress in my plants. If you are a gardener yourself you know what I mean.

We have beans and they just don’t seem to be growing as much. I’ll have to go back and look at my older post. Maybe I need to weed around them better. I thought there would be more leaves and such since I made the dogs leave them alone.

Pumpkins are coming in. Not going to lie, I expected more of an explosion of growth. That is because they just grew up over night. There was nothing and then there were a lot of pumpkins. I dunno, I’m mildly disappointed but at least they didn’t die. Sounds to me like I am still winning.

This is the other side. It dries out a lot faster and so it has a harder time. I feel kind of bad for it. We are seriously debating on putting some fertilizer on some of this just to ensure growth.

We have either squash or something. Whatever it is on this row it is growing nicely. I am happy with this development. I hope it continues to grow like this.

My corn in coming in nicely. Wish it was taller, but for some reason I just expected it to grow like a mutant corn stalk. My imagination truly leads to disappointment when I finally get plants to live. It is almost like I think I will become a plant goddess over night and my plants will grow like I am Poison Ivy.

This is almost everything. You see my three rows of corn, my broccoli and a lot of we’ll see when it gives me vegetables. I will be excited regardless.


It turns out I do have three tiny pea plants that are struggling to survive. Let’s see what happens in the next episode of: hope it doesn’t die.

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