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Zone 8a: Apples

Good morning, some things you should know before we hop into the list. Apple trees produce in three to five years, they prefer full sun, and require fellow trees to assist in pollination.

1) Anna Apple– this is a hybrid of the Golden delicious apple. This was specifically bred to with stand less chilly weather. They are red and green or green and yellow apples.

2) Beverly Hills Apple– these are blushy red apples and they need 300 chill hours (which led me to learn more about chill hours per plant)

3) Pink Lady– these ladies mature late and require 200 to 400 chill hours. They look green and red tye dye and are allegedly delicious.

4) Fuji Apple– they grow well all the way up to zone 9 which is neat. They have a sweet tart taste and are red apples. They are popular at the grocery store. This tree is not drought tolerant.

5) Dorsett Golden– growing in 5 to 9, with less than 100 chill hours this yellow green apple does well planted near the Anna Apple. The have fruit in June and July, which is awesome.

6) Mutsu Apple– this one ends at zone 8, it is not a drought hardy apple tree. Fun fact, this is a great pie, cider or other sweet things like jams and jellies. This tree blooms in September or October. (Layering your apple trees means you can have them for the majority of the growing season in our zone)

7) Pixie Crunch– looks like the kind of apple a witch might entice you with. They are a lovely bright red. They end at zone 8 but are great if you can keep their soil moist. Evil step mother approved

8) Gala Apple– another popular store bought apple and pollinates well with other Apple trees. It also ripens in September, which is a nice fall addition.

9) Granny Smith– this tart apple is more than just a great color, it also fits inside our grow zone. Another fun pollinator, and a fun fact: it originated in Australia.

10) Red Delicious– yes, the one and only favorite of the grocery store does grow in our zone. I am excited because this is my daughter’s favorite apple to take two bites from before forgetting it and running off to play. This one needs up to 900 chill hours and might do better near the colder part of the property. It also makes me nervous because it feels safer in zone 7 even thought it is listed for zone 8.

Please keep in mind that I do this blog for myself to narrow down which apple trees I want to plant on my property. I have a lot of land to fill.

Regardless, this is a great start to finding out the apple trees that are right for my homestead. Thank you for reading this far. Have a great day.