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Garden update: August 20

My corn has been growing like crazy. It is still a struggle to keep my dogs away from my beans, but they aren’t really messing with my corn.

We are working on getting a pen made for them since they can’t just leave my plants alone. Regardless, updates on my fall garden ahead. There have been mistakes made and a few challenges but everything didn’t die and I see that as a win.

Pumpkins because all of my peas died

That is right, the picture above has only pumpkins becayse every single pea died. No peas this year for our families fall garden. I am angry for two reasons A) I want plants to live because I will it to happen B) peas are my absolute favorite vegetable and I was really looking forward to eating them this season. You win some. You lose some.

Corn around one week ago

Now I threw out decoy seeds for me corn and it seems to be doing fantastic. 🙃 I am truly pleased with the turn of events that led to that picture. I was so excited I texted a picture to my friends and my husband. “Look at my corn.” I felt good about it until is saw my other stuff.

Corn the next day

I keep getting so excited. Especially when they have little baby corn growth spurts. Not to be weird but I can’t wait to eat you.

The whole garden

Some stuff has come up. I just only know how to recognize corn as a baby. I am ninety percent sure that on the outer right column that is going to be my squash and zucchini, which was probably not the best idea, but it happened that way. Then there are Brussel sprouts up front and some broccoli in back.

This was yesterday (August 19th)

The corn have exploded. I am so excited. My dogs like to walk through them because they have short legs and it itches them. I am always yelling at my dogs. I am sure at this point my neighbors think I am a psychopath. I am greatly considering putting them in an enclosure is sad. Evee and Gillis listen when there aren’t other dogs around to encourage them and my kids don’t let them out without supervision.

Pumpkins to the right are doing great

They are growing, but i am sure they get a little bit of stress where they are. I am just excited that something is growing.

Up close of my corn

Ignoring all of the bad (too many too close together), that is a lot of corn. I am really surprised that one small bit grew so much. So when you cut out the other corns it looks like I am successful. I am kind of successful but I look forward to doing better next year

Did not name anything, so this is Fred and his cousins

I should have marked the garden but when I tried cutsy popsicle sticks (like a facebook group suggested) my dogs thought they were toys specifically placed out for them to play with.

My semi successful garden August 20, 2020

I will look back at this 10 years from now and cackle like a witch. It’ll be good to see how far I have come.