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New creeper: Asian Jasmine

Yes, when it comes to buying plants I do have a problem. I cannot fix the problem because I like the problem. It is not a problem for me.

Asian Jasmine has many names but that is the one on the tag. So, we are just going to go with that one.

Of course we got a companion plant

This baby can grow up to twenty feet tall or six meters. These gentleman will climb my porch and turn it green.

These plants allegedly have white or cream flowers and they smell like jasmine. I am excited about that.

This is no doubt to lure unsuspecting pollinators and although I do not want them near my house I do like Jasmine. After all I do have a daughter with the middle name Jasmine. They will always remind me of her and how she is moving away to have adventures.

I need to stop buying plants because I am gonna miss her. If it continues next year we may not be able to walk and she won’t have even left yet.

At the end of the day I feel like I will enjoy the ground cover around my pepper plants and it will add another lovely green.

Since the back 5 acres is reserved for my bushes and fruit trees I will be able to add the pretty stuff to the front.