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Have you seen this corn?

Now I am usually the first person to get excited about anything plant related. The thing is I am really excited right now.

You see back in March my parental unit gifted me 10+ year old seeds. I planted different packages of beans (ones bought by myself and others this year and the ones that my parents handed me that had been lost in their infinite freezer).

As you can see my beans

The three rows to the right were planted with those freezer seeds. Sure, my dogs and the birds most likely got rid of a lot but I don’t understand how just one would make it. So, I assumed (like any rational human might) that planting these corn seeds – as they came from the same freezer – would do around the same.

Freezing seeds is not a terrible idea if they are frozen and stored properly. The majority of the bags that I had received had been opened and were held closed by rubber bags. All seeds were then placed in “freezer safe ziploc” bags. One of the tips is that you should date your bad- this bag had not been dated. I was just given “more than ten years old”.

When Freezing seeds the bags need to be completely dry and I am not quite sure if they took any preventative measures. The ziploc did have a lot of air in it though, so I am unsure if there is a freshness guide to go by. Regardless, the beans did not work out for me and I had to look into different options.

So when I went to plant my three rows of corn I just planted everything triple. (There is still a lot of corn left over.) Too many seeds were planted, honestly. Because of my birdie problem I also threw out decoy seeds all over my rows so that they would stop picking at my other seeds (this is because they dug up my others and I was just trying stuff out).

I am not a wise woman. I did not honestly think throwing seeds out would help. If anything I thought it might make things worse and attract the birds to my garden. I figured it would give some of my developing plants a chance to live.

This morning I woke up to find that maybe there is wisdom in my decision after all. I am actually excited. There are so many that took root that I am concerned with how close they are.

There is a picture at 5:30am with my flash on. Did you see all of those little sproutlings? There are so many. It is exciting to see that so many survived my poor gardening skills.

So, I suppose the decoy seeds worked, kind of? Regardless that is a lot of corn and i am excited to see how it all turns out.