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New plant: Primerose Jasmine

Before we planted the primrose Jasmine

Primrose Jasmine is a lovely viney thing. It has zero uses according to Wikipedia other than looking pretty and smelling fragrant.

I hate buying plants that don’t have uses but my eldest child’s middle name is Jasmine and she will be going to college…

I got so sad thinking about how she is about to be a senior in high school.

I couldn’t help myself, plus the flowers are yellow. Birds love Primrose Jasmine, so maybe it will distract them from my garden.

So after buying two, because i always buy in pairs. It’s my thing. If I am going to be shoving them into a wild jungle I have to make sure they have a friend.

Anyway, so I looked into these beautiful plants and I got this brilliant idea. I get those quite often and it requires a fair amount of work.

I will make a wooden archway and try will grow over it. I plan on putting up a lot of fencing especially after the year I have had with nature.

I am sure that it will flourish in clay and that is what we have. Since it is only good at smelling pretty maybe I can do something with that.

Also, I looked and no one told me if these flowers were edible. I don’t want to try one because they might be poisonous, but I do because I didn’t see that they weren’t.

After we planted the primrose Jasmin. It looks pretty 😍

Who knows? Regardless, I have planted the Jasmine in my garden and shall not purchase anymore of this particular breed. Just because I want a food forest.

Don’t get me wrong it will have it’s perks. The flowers are yellow and thats my mom’s favorite color. It is a Jasmin plant and I have a daughter with the middle name Jasmin.

Plato approves of the Jasmin and often rubs up against it until I spray him with a water hose.

It won’t be long before I buy more plants. Stay turned for more adventures.