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August 6: my dog is mean

Hello and welcome to another post. Today I am here to tell you a story about my youngest child, Evelyn Avangeline or better known as Evee.

Evee in the middle of my working on plot 2 of my garden

She always looks so happy because she is. She runs the roost and does whatever she wants. She is my right hand lady and is always right there. So color me surprised when I go outside to my garden. The garden took time to fix and how.

After I fixed it 🙄

She was there for the whole thing, she watched me do it. (Also I know my rows aren’t perfect. I am not as good at hoeing as some people.) today that sweet rebellious dog got into a wrestling match with her daughter.

She had a wrestling match right here. Beans everywhere.

Needless to day I am furious and now I am trying to figure out how to keep her out. 🧘‍♀️

If she does it again I am going to spray her with vinegar, but not a lot because she’s my baby. 💚