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Planting season: pole beans August 6th

I have three different types of green beans and I have planted all three. I do not know how this will work out but I planted a lot of rows.

You see, I have many children and they happen to love green beans. I can’t keep cans in the house, so I figured we would plant a lot of them.

The dirt is like a giant rock

Again, my dirt is difficult to do anything with so I had to hoe and I had to water the ground. It was time consuming and I got a blister, which I am kind of proud of. I showed it off to my kids and they thought I was insane.

Regardless, three kinds blue lake pole, tendergreen and then big kahuna.

I am excited to see what they look like. Some of these seeds were given to me by other people. We are hoping they aren’t too old to grow. They had been in the freezer, but we still don’t know what to expect. I am excited and I am just glad I did not rip the names off of these.

That can get confusing. I will stare at seeds thinking: I don’t know what you are but I will plant you, yes I will. China better not send me any seeds… I’ll pot them just to see what they are. That is literally my whole system. 🤷‍♀️

My rows turned out okay but you can see where my dog wrestled her way through my beans. It was the same day.

At the end of the day I am pleased with the out come and look forward to sharing my success this go around.