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August 10th: we have pumpkins

That’s right. I have pumpkins sprouting up all over the place. I am extremely excited. We have been watering them two to three times a day depending on the heat.

I went back and read one of my posts. I just should let everyone know I write these up quickly and do not proofread. I just type it up and publish it a couple of days out – just in case I change my mind about posting it (which happens).

This was August 6th

Anyway, there were only a few in the beginning. They were so tiny. It is exciting to see that they are actually coming up. I hope that this time it all works out.

Two babies at a time August 6th

Now, my more mature daughter asked me about planting them so close together and if it was a good idea. I am starting to wonder that myself.

I never anticipated that my garden would actually grow this way. (I am thinking the partial shade is really helping me out) That is one of the reasons that I planted them on the outside and I put the peas on the inside.

August 7th. You can see pumpkins all up and down the two outside lanes.

I figured if I put the pumpkins on the outskirts that they will be able to vine out, but great points were made. Should I do extra for the pumpkins or is my plan good?

Those are pumpkins in their rows below and I can’t wait for them to get bigger and show me pumpkins. In the middle two rows are the peas. We will be setting up stuff for them to hang out against. I have been watching those gardening groups, they have some really great ideas.

The more that I see success in others the more I can see there can be success in me. When I get low I have been asking others (just random citizens that frequent the groups I am in) to show me their gardens. It has been great 100% of the time. People that garden just seem to be nicer. I am excited about the pumpkins and seeing what everyone else has out there.

August 10th

Not going to lie I am starting to feel true concern for my peas. Only time will tell. I am hoping that everything works out, until next time people.

Side note: make sure you know where your water is going to travel so that you can capture it.