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Day one: Firebreak

Been doing some research and I have found that a firebreak might be a good idea to incorporate. Before we even start planting our food forest, we should probably make sure we plant stuff according to our needs.

So, the first thing we noticed is that the majority of articles tell you to survey your land. They want you to look for dry and dead debry that could easily spark a fire.

I did not get far. I just walked to the front of the property and I found my first job. Before I start to plant new evergreens my first step is cleaning up the front of our property.

As you can see, we have our work cut out for us. We moved in October 2019. I have never owned such a large property before and had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even notice this until I knew what to look for.

So, we are going to work on getting this cleaned up. Having all of this could surely spark a fire. As the front of our home is so close to the road I am now nervous about it.

My son is excited to use a hatchet and I am sure together we will make quick work of this mess. Good thing about this is that the majority of these trees are evergreens. 🌲 (I just really wanted to use that tree 🌳 and this one)

Notes: before I start on getting my brand new fire break I will ensure that my current one is secure. I like that there are a lot of pine trees.

Another good thing is that getting the dead away will help them grow bigger and better or just not look so dead.

More on my millions of projects later to come 💚