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Things I didn’t know… Metal pipes v. Me

Yeah metal piping is not good for your plants to grow on 😒 ignore my weird drip irrigation system.

So first let me say, I jumped into this like a kid that can’t swim. First, I decided I was going to start out with four. I bought four baby plants- I did not know what I was doing- and planted them along a metal pipe.

This is not including the six lavender plants that I murdered, just the ones that I am baking alive this summer.

Tire rims also heat up in the summer sun, no matter how easily you can obtain damaged ones

So I did not realize that I was literally baking two grape plants, a blueberry, and a blackberry plant. Honestly, the grapes and blackberry plants are not dying but these blueberries are crying. I do not want to uproot it because I am afraid I would murder it.

Those blackberries have some never die in them though

No trellises. I thought I had this. The one closest to us died a miserable death. He just got tall and tipped over- snapped in half.

Also, my dumb self did not put any supports up. Later I will take a picture of how my one living tomato plant is propped up with garden decorations and some twine. It isn’t a good look, but it worked at the time and I have not switched it out quite yet.

My friend’s amazing hobby garden that I am super jealous of. She knew what was up, I didn’t ask for help in the beginning and now there is a clear difference between our gardens. Hers is great and mine is murdered.

My goals are ever evolving right now but I really want to have a whole property covered in plants. I think it will make me happy in my old age.

The picture from the other angle. It is pretty sweet. She is amazing at this stuff with her green thumb.

End game goals: make a seasonal “witch” themed attraction during September and October. I will retire on this. My permaculture food forest will have everything I need to do a spooky trip that will be fun for all ages. I have so many ideas, but that my dears is how I plan on retiring. I want being old to be fun.